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When a switch to cold water rinsing does the job equally well

THE Singapore unit of Globalfoundries has won the Best Practices in energy efficiency award this year at the EENP Awards for a project that involves switching from hot to cold water for post chemical de-ionised (DI) water rinse, which is a low carbon innovative process. In the wafer fabrication process, chemicals were used extensively to […]

Energy saving a part and parcel of Asahi Kasei Plastics Singapore’s operations

THE second Outstanding Energy Manager of the Year award winner Pandurangan Siva started his career in Asahi Kasei Plastics Singapore (APS) in 2007 as a senior engineer in the engineering department. His first project was to conduct a plant-wide energy audit with grant support from the National Environment Agency (NEA). The following year he successfully […]

Focus on improving energy efficiency

THE carbon tax to be introduced from next year is part of a national strategy to reduce carbon emissions in Singapore. It is expected to encourage businesses here to improve their energy efficiency, to become sustainable, and to reduce their operating costs in the process. The carbon tax is an important step to sustain the […]