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Indonesia’s Jokowi Flip-Flops on Fuel Price Hike

Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Wednesday ordered his energy ministry to scrap an increase in retail gasoline prices within hours of its announcement. But with the crude marching higher and the currency slumping to a two-decade low, Widodo, known as Jokowi, is only delaying the inevitable. Jokowi, who’s seeking re-election in a vote scheduled for […]

Singapore will update climate projections no earlier than 2021: MEWR

SINGAPORE — To do more to limit global warming, Singapore can reduce the use of natural gas for its energy needs, boost the efficiency of buildings and transportation, and share environmental solutions with counterparts in South-east Asia, experts in the field said. Their comments came in the wake of a new report by a United […]

Winners and losers among Singapore companies in current oil surge

BRENT crude oil prices are up more than 30 per cent this year and holding – but it won’t be a case of a rising tide lifting all boats. While the rally stirs hope for investors tracking the oil and gas sector, high oil prices are a concern for consuming companies in the aviation and […]

Government seeking solution to tackle fuel price hike: Spokesperson

The government is working to deal with rising fuel oil prices as it increased transportation costs and has an impact on commodity prices, said Zaw Htay, Spokesperson of Myanmar President’s Office, at a press conference held in the President House in Nay Pyi Taw on October 5. “Transportation costs have increased by 10 per cent […]