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Govt launches Green Electricity Tariff for renewable energy subscription, replaces myGreen+

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 23): The government has launched the Green Electricity Tariff (GET) to allow subscribers to use electricity generated from renewable energy sources to reduce their carbon footprint.

Meralco buying 170-MW power supply amid big demand

Manila Electric Co. (Meralco), the biggest retailer of electricity, is seeking approval from the Department of Energy to purchase 170 megawatts of power in preparation for an anticipated increase in demand during the dry months and the election period.

LEGAL BRIEFING: Will the energy bill dim out competition in SG’s electricity generation market?

The Energy (Resilience Measures and Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill—particularly section 3(i) that allows the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to be a market player in the electricity generation market—has sparked concerns amongst stakeholders.

Fuel tariff increase drives up electricity pricing in Thailand

Thailand’s energy regulator has decided to raise the FT rate from January to April of 2022 due to the increasing energy prices around the globe. This tariff increase would effectively raise the pricing on electricity bills to 3.78 baht per unit, starting next year.

Power bills poised to rise 4.6% in early 2022

Power bills are set to increase by 4.6% from January to April next year to an average of 3.78 baht per kilowatt hour (unit) as Thailand needs to import costly liquefied natural gas (LNG) for electricity generation, says the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

Thailand rejects concerns over Lao hydroelectric projects

Thailand’s government has shrugged off concerns voiced by environmentalist groups and agreed to import electricity from several controversial hydroelectric projects on the Mekong River in neighboring Laos.

Laos exports over 6,423MW to ASEAN

Laos currently exports more than 6,423MW to other countries, mainly neighbouring countries, a senior official has said. Addressing the National Assembly recently, Minister of Energy and Mines Dr Daovong Phonekeo said several power plants are under construction that will generate electricity for sale to neighbouring countries and other ASEAN member states.

Pilot project to use hawker centre food waste to generate electricity, produce fertiliser

SINGAPORE: Food waste at East Coast Lagoon Food Village will be used to generate electricity and produce fertiliser as part of a pilot project, the National Environment Agency (NEA), National University of Singapore (NUS) and National Parks Board (NParks) said in a joint news release on Wednesday (Nov 17).

Singapore is on a timer to decarbonise power sector

ENERGY flows where attention goes – sums up Singapore’s efforts to green its power sector as it shifts away from fossil fuels to other more sustainable forms of renewable energy on the long road to zero carbon.

Laos: Electricity earnings soar by 12% as govt eyes new plants

Laos earned $2,012 million from the export of electricity in the first nine months of this year, an increase of 12% compared to the same period last year.