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Thailand receives $5m grant to reduce HFC emissions

THAILAND: The World Bank has provided Thailand with a grant of $5m to fund projects to reduce HFC emissions. The money from the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol will assist Thailand in its drive to introduce environment-friendly production into its industries. Thailand is the second-largest producer of air conditioners in the world, manufacturing […]

Thailand resort Santiburi Koh Samui receives 2020 Green Hotel certification

The experience-driven beachfront retreat, Santiburi Koh Samui has been certified as a 2020 Green Hotel and recognised as a carbon-neutral resort with the accolades reflecting its strong commitment to the environment. As a 2020 Green Hotel, it is recognised as a sustainable resort that has succeeded in enhancing the use of resources and energy of […]

Thailand: The Emerging Hub for Electric Vehicle Battery-Makers

Thailand, often hailed as the “Detroit of Asia,” has been an attractive destination for automobile manufacturers for years. Companies like Toyota Motor and Ford Motor have set up operations in the country, contributing to its reputation as an auto hub. Now, as the world accelerates its shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), Thailand aims to stay […]

The future of mobility: Less or no mobility at all?

Transportation has evolved over time, from relying on human power alone, animal riding and wheels that improved the speed and range of mobility. Then came the steam engine, combustible engine, gas engine, even an electric motor. Transportation has become so essential for human lives, moving both people (passenger transport) and goods (freight transport).

The Philippines Deploys Smart Technology to Save Energy

Knowing how much savings the act can entail, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is endorsing ICT technology as a way to move forward. Officials have urged large private buildings and government facilities to use cloud-based monitors and electronic sensors (e-sensors) to monitor their energy consumption.

The power of words and art in energy conservation

Population growth has contributed to rising energy consumption around the world, and Southeast Asia has been no different. Between 2010 and 2018, the region’s energy demand rose by almost 22 percent—an increase almost doubles the global average. With energy efficiency one of the most powerful tools to slash greenhouse gas emissions and maintain energy security, the […]

The Rising Demand For Air Conditioners

Around the world, scorching heat waves are breaking records, with France reaching a sweltering 45.9 degrees Celsius and Australia hitting 49.5 degrees in 2019. This year, it was reported that Siberia experienced a period of unusually high temperatures for the first six months of 2020 – including a record-breaking 38 degrees Celsius in the town […]

These fans aren’t just green— they’re smart, too

In a country where there is at least one electric fan in every home, it pays to invest wisely in an appliance that works nearly 24/7, particularly during the hot and humid months. Perhaps that’s why Haiku and Big Ass Fans have been gaining ground in the Philippines over the last 10 years. Both are […]

TM, MAHB among winners for energy efficiency in 2019 NEA

COMPANIES across various industries and fields grabbed top honours in Malaysia’s 2019 National Energy Awards (NEA) for best practices in energy efficiency and renewable energy (RE). The second edition of the awards received a total of 145 applications, where 77 organisations were qualified to participate in the two broad categories of energy efficiency and RE. […]

TM, Top Glove among winners of National Energy Awards 2020

THE Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) has announced the winners of the National Energy Awards (NEA) 2020.