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Indonesia can become center for global geothermal industry: PGE

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia could become the center for the global geothermal industry on account of its huge geothermal potential, President Director of PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), Ahmad Yuniarto, stated.

Industry encourages implementation of geothermal feed-in-tariff in Indonesia

The Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) encourages the government to implement a Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme in the discussion of the problem inventory list or DIM of the current new energy and renewable energy bill (RUU EB-ET). Included in the process of deepening each article as a result of the parliament’s initiative.

PLN to build 40-MW Ulumbu geothermal power plant on Flores Island, Indonesia

Indonesia state-owned utility company PT PLN (Persero) has announced plans of building a 40-MW geothermal power plant in the Ulumbu geothermal area in the Manggarai Regency in Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia.