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Thailand’s Biggest Winery Goes Solar

“Thailand’s biggest winery Siam has entered a 20-year agreement with a Singapore-based solar company to install a rooftop solar system to cut down carbon dioxide emissions, the first Thai winery to do so.” According to Cleantech Solar, the Singaporean company will install a 1MWp on-site rooftop solar system for the Thai winery, based in Hua […]

Singapore Happy to Be `Goldilocks’ for Energy Usage Experiments

As the world tries to curb carbon emissions, Singapore could be a testing ground for new ideas on how to reduce energy use through data and urban design, according to Chan Chun Sing, its trade and industry minister. Singapore is using data on how different industries and segments of the population use energy to optimize […]

Solar power in-a-box launches in Malaysia

A solar solution that can be installed in a day has launched in Malaysia, a country that aims to produce 20 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025. In 1996, coal only represented 8 per cent of Malaysia’s electricity generation mix. Fast forward 20 years, coal’s share has risen to 42.5 per cent. […]