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Planned ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance would benefit from Islamic input, say international experts

Input from Islamic financial specialists will smooth the path to development of a region-wide taxonomy for financial services in Southeast Asia, Salaam Gateway understands from international experts. On March 30, finance ministers and central bank governors from members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) announced their support for an ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable […]

EV boom, solar energy trend fuel hunt for Malaysian engineering talent

THE auto industry push for hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) is expected to drive demand for skilled engineers in the Malaysian job market, one recruitment firm has observed. Hays Malaysia noted in a recent report on engineering recruitment: “With Malaysia establishing itself as a leader in the EV sub-sector, with its strong manufacturing background, companies […]

Global calls for green action

The drumbeat is growing louder for a shift to green technology and infrastructure throughout the world, including in Cambodia, which is still mostly reliant on “brown” energy consumption as it hopes to balance cost-efficient development with sustainable technology.

Sustainability through renewable energy: Comparing India and Singapore

Singapore: Last week, at an event coinciding with Earth Day (April 22), US President Joe Biden hosted a climate conference with other world leaders, urging them to cooperate in the global effort to tackle the climate crisis. At the Leaders’ Summit on Climate, he committed his country to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least […]

Forum discusses challenges to sustainable energy transition

Vietnam has substantial potential in offshore wind and solar power, with huge opportunities for the integration of different energy technologies and the combination of renewable energies and agriculture, experts said at the event on Tuesday.

Rockefeller Foundation to invest $1.5m in clean energy

The Rockefeller Foundation has pledged $1.5m to support developing countries in their move away from fossil fuels. The fund is part of a facility launched by the Energy Transition Council, a global coalition of leaders committed to achieving net-zero emissions by mid-century

How Singapore’s solar power push, using floating farms and vertical panels, offers solutions to other cities

Singapore is betting on floating solar farms and vertical panels to increase its clean-energy supplies and cut carbon emissions, a model that could work in other densely populated cities, urban experts said. With renewable energy options such as wind, hydro, nuclear and biomass ruled out, solar photovoltaic (PV) is the most viable option for Singapore, […]

UOB reiterates to support transition to cleaner energy

KUALA LUMPUR: United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (UOB Malaysia) has reiterated its commitment to help the country’s transition to cleaner energy by supporting power plants with lower environmental impact and financing natural gas and solar projects in the country.   In a statement Thursday, UOB Malaysia said the bank was a co-financier in a Commodity […]

Propelling energy transition by empowering media

In our life today, the media play a huge role in public policy making. The media’s ability to influence is affected by several factors, such as accessibility, trust and the existing linkage between them and the authorities. The media’s influence is evident in the government’s campaign to build public awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The […]

Digital and green strong avenues of growth for ASEAN and UK

The UK’s long-awaited Integrated Review, outlining its international priorities in a post-Brexit world, has been released. Whilst it is wide-ranging in focus, there is a clear and strong tilt towards opportunities in digital and climate change within Southeast Asia. This should be welcome news for Asean member states, especially if the UK becomes a viable […]