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TM, Top Glove among winners of National Energy Awards 2020

THE Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) has announced the winners of the National Energy Awards (NEA) 2020.

An ambitious Italy-Asean development partnership to live up to global challenges

At its 53rd Foreign Ministers’ Meeting last September, Asean, with the support of all member States, endorsed Italy’s candidature as a development partner, thus establishing the first formal link between Italy and the Asean family. It is a significant achievement, part of Italy’s closer engagement with the region.

Govt stanch in commitment to sustainable utilization of clean energy

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian government remains stanch in its commitment to ensuring the sustainable utilization of clean energy, especially renewable energy in the electricity sector, through an energy pricing regulation.

Singapore unveils greener energy plan

Singapore wants to be powered by greener energy sources in the years ahead, and has set in motion a long-term plan to achieve this.

After the success of Singapore’s first eco-town Punggol, what next for HDB green living?

SINGAPORE: When it’s still dark in the early morning, you wake up and switch on the lights powered by solar energy. Motion sensor lights in the common areas come alive as you leave the house, making your way down to the dual bicycle racks where you parked your two-wheeler.

Singapore’s new city of the future is its greenest project yet

Giant solar-powered air conditioners, vacuum garbage collection, subterranean roads for electric vehicles, urban farms and green architecture. Put them all together and you have Tengah, Singapore’s most ambitious project yet to build the city of the future.

Fraziali Ismail: Climate action in the Malaysian financial sector

To date, there is a genuine buzz in global climate action. The Paris Agreement, with 197 signatories, provides a pathway for nations to step up their climate mitigation and adaptation efforts.

SP Group opens Singapore’s first smart energy town showcase at MyTengah Experience Centre

SP Group’s (SP) MyTengah Experience Centre, an interactive showcase of SP’s smart energy solutions that will be deployed in Singapore’s first smart energy town at Tengah, will be open to the public from 20 October 2020. SP will bring Singapore’s first large-scale residential centralised cooling system to Tengah.

S’pore’s Parkroyal Collection Pickering impressed netizens as an ‘urban forest’ again

In response to Mothership’s query, a Parkroyal Collection Pickering spokesperson said that the hotel is not able to convert waste to electricity.

Vietnam: ASEAN’s New De Facto Leader?

Vietnam, as the current Chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for 2020, has been actively involved with the association since 1995 when it joined the bloc with the aim of bringing all Southeast Asian countries together to promote regional peace, freedom, and prosperity.