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Ministry outlines key energy developments

In a bid to increase production of the country’s downstream sector, Brunei Fertilizer Industries (BFI) will start operations in the third quarter of this year, with a production capacity of 3,900 metric tonnes per day of urea.

Myanmar says it Committed to Greener Future

First Gen bats for decarbonized infra development, smart cities

Touting that businesses can either be a destructive force or a powerful agent for regenerative change, Lopez-led First Gen Corporation is opting for the latter as it pushes for the developments of decarbonized, resilient and socially-inclusive infrastructure facilities; as well as on pioneering the integration of smart cities.

PM urges saving power, water

Prime Minister Hun Sen requested the nation’s public and state institutions to participate in reducing electricity and clean water consumption to alleviate pressures on the national budget and enable funds to be diverted to other targeted areas.

As the coronavirus pandemic bites, Thailand is desperate for its US$43 billion Eastern Economic Corridor to pay off

A tech hub braided with airports, ports and high-speed rail lines to lure the brains and billions of Asia to Thailand – or a cripplingly expensive white elephant from a government struggling to reset Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy? Nearly four years after its inception, opinion is divided on the country’s US$43 billion Eastern Economic Corridor […]

Stronger gov’t-private sector cooperation sought for PH energy transition

Between legislated policies or crafted rules and their actual implementations, there are always gaps to be filled in or addressed so tangible investments will flow.

How Southeast Asia’s clean energy firms kept the lights on during the pandemic

The region’s clean energy players saw mixed fortunes in 2020 as they grappled with Covid-19 disruptions. How did they roll with the punches, and how will they adapt to a post-Covid world?

KBR to assess hydrogen energy sources for data centres in Singapore

KBR will assess scenarios for alternative hydrogen-based energy sources to supply new data centre investment and deployment in Singapore, the company confirmed today (27th Jan).

Collaboration needed for sustainability efforts: Grace Fu

Collaboration between government agencies, the community and financiers will be needed for Singapore to move closer towards carbon neutrality, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu said yesterday.

Joint study underway in Singapore to explore use of ammonia as marine fuel

ABS, Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and the Ammonia Safety and Training Institute (ASTI) are collaborating on a study on using ammonia as marine fuels in the port of Singapore, as well as exploring the supply, bunkering and safety aspects.