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New Asian trade bloc could play key role in driving investment

A new trade bloc covering a huge swathe of the Asia-Pacific region will play an important role in developing poorer economies and in post-pandemic stimulus, according to a report published on Monday by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Egat eyes power deal with Singapore to offset glut

Thailand’s energy authority plans to add Singapore to its regional energy grid by 2023, along with Cambodia and Myanmar, said Kulit Sombatsiri, permanent secretary for energy.

Is The EU’s War On Palm Oil Working?

In December 2018, the European Union (EU) revised the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) also called RED II which bans the use of palm oil. The EU decided to use sunflower oil as an alternate biofuel which is produced in Europe; stating the reason for the ban on palm oil is that it contributes to extensive deforestation […]

Japan looks to ASEAN nations for carbon capture and storage

TOKYO — Japan, the U.S., Australia and the 10 members of ASEAN are forming a partnership to commercialize the technology behind carbon capture, utilization and storage as early as this decade, opening up ways to bury carbon dioxide in Southeast Asia to reduce emissions.

ADB to help members cut reliance on coal

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is expected to draw up a revised energy policy over the next 12 months toward helping member developing countries to “reduce dependence on coal fuel and eventually phase out coal,” just falling short of an outright ban on financing coal-fired power projects.  

An ambitious Italy-Asean development partnership to live up to global challenges

At its 53rd Foreign Ministers’ Meeting last September, Asean, with the support of all member States, endorsed Italy’s candidature as a development partner, thus establishing the first formal link between Italy and the Asean family. It is a significant achievement, part of Italy’s closer engagement with the region.

Coal squeeze intensifies

The message from the top is clear: cut out coal. While the regulatory pressure has been evident for some time, the race to banish the black stuff stepped up a notch last week when a $5 trillion valued institutional investor group made up of many of the world’s largest insurers and pension schemes warned the […]

Explainer: How hydropower dams can help ASEAN fight climate change

Dams are infrastructures built to control river flow and store large amounts of water in artificial lakes or reservoirs.

Australia’s Northern Territory eyes ‘electricity superhighway’ to enable renewables integration

The development of long-distance transmission links that could support the creation of renewable energy zones in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) is being explored by the local government.

Selling The Sun To Asia. Australia’s New Energy Export Industry

Out with coal. In with hydrogen and electricity. In a nutshell that’s the plan starting to take shape in Australia as it switches from being a major supplier of coal and gas to Asia into a renewable energy powerhouse.