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KPMG Singapore launches decarbonisation hub to speed up Asean’s energy transition

SINGAPORE – An Asean decarbonisation hub was launched on Monday to speed up energy transition in the region and help to attract climate funding to carry out projects.

How the EU’s new energy plans impact Southeast Asia

Amid an ongoing energy crisis, European countries have turned to Southeast Asia’s coal and liquefied natural gas (LNG) producers to help offset the collapse of Russian supplies.

Can ASEAN realise its vision of a green power grid?

As of last year’s United Nations climate summit, eight out of the ten ASEAN countries have pledged to go net-zero within the century. The region is targeting a 23 per cent share of renewable energy in its energy supply by 2025, which will necessitate the ramping up of renewable energy projects as well as regional […]

Acciona Energia invests in Asian wind developer

Acciona Energia has reached a strategic agreement with south-east Asian wind developer The Blue Circle to become the main shareholder in the regional renewables player.  

‘Southeast Asia’s only vanadium flow battery company’ in MOU to accelerate deployment

VFlowTech, a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) manufacturer based in Singapore, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with global liquid storage logistics group Advario.

The Asian Development Bank’s Energy Transition Mechanism

In 2021, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced it would no longer finance coal-fired power plants. This announcement was made at a time when other big players, like Japan and South Korea, were making similar commitments. If followed through on, such a change in policy would be a big deal given how much coal is burned in Southeast […]

‘Powering’ up ties between Sarawak and Asean

As Malaysia’s largest renewable energy provider, Sarawak Energy Bhd (Sarawak Energy) is stepping up its game in providing electricity to Indonesia, specifically to Kalimantan, in its mission to becoming a regional powerhouse.

Japan pledges financial support to help ASEAN’s decarbonisation

Japan’s government pledged financial and technological support to help ASEAN countries accelerate their efforts to decarbonise their economies and combat global climate change, its industry minister said on Saturday.

Southeast Asia lags in electric vehicles. Can it catch up?

For self-confessed tech geek and adrenaline junkie Farhan Abdul Rahim, becoming one of the first Malaysians to own an electric car in 2020 was a no-brainer – but he didn’t simply stop there.

China stresses ties with Southeast Asia in Cambodia meeting

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is stressing his country’s efforts to strengthen ties with Southeast Asian countries at a meeting with their foreign ministers, which comes as Beijing seeks to expand its influence in the region