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AMEM a chance to promote multilateral energy trading

The Energy Ministry is ready to push forward five plans to promote the sector regionally at the 37th Asean Ministers on Energy Meeting (AMEM), scheduled for Sept 2-6 in Bangkok. Poonpat Leesombatpiboon, the ministry’s director for international affairs, said the five action plans are expected to be developed at the meeting. The priority plan is […]

An ambitious Italy-Asean development partnership to live up to global challenges

At its 53rd Foreign Ministers’ Meeting last September, Asean, with the support of all member States, endorsed Italy’s candidature as a development partner, thus establishing the first formal link between Italy and the Asean family. It is a significant achievement, part of Italy’s closer engagement with the region.

An idea to electrify 1 million boats in Southeast Asia—inspired by Ikea

All around Southeast Asia, experiments in the electrification of transport are underway. Buses in Thailand, cars in Malaysia, scooters in Myanmar, bicycles in Singapore, and jeepneys in the Philippines. But, as sea levels rise around the climate-vulnerable sub-region, what about transport of the seafaring variety? Hans van Mameren, a septuagenarian Dutchman who runs Singapore-based renewable energy […]

Analysis: Low gas prices not enough for Asia to move away from coal

Singapore — Record low global gas prices may have hit the appetite for coal in the Americas and in Europe, but it may do little to snatch away the fuel’s strong presence in Asia, thanks to the region’s limited scope to switch between fuels.

Analysis: Southeast Asia’s LNG balancing role in focus, as Thailand agrees import capacity expansion

Singapore — Thailand’s Map Ta Phut phase 3 expansion has turned focus to Southeast Asia’s demand growth potential and future balancing role in global LNG, as oversupply concerns extend into the mid-2020s. Thailand’s Gulf PTT Tank Consortium signed a 30-year contract with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) on Tuesday for the third phase of […]

Analysis: Trans-ASEAN gas projects losing relevance amid the fast-paced LNG growth

An ambitious project to link Southeast Asia with a network of natural gas pipelines is losing relevance to a much faster build-out of LNG import terminals as the region leans increasingly towards seaborne supplies. The Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline was first conceived in the 1980s to boost the region’s energy security using Southeast Asia’s own prolific […]

APPEC Singapore’s Pavilion Energy eyes Southeast Asian markets for gas expansion

SINGAPORE, Sept 27 (Reuters) – Singapore’s Pavilion Energy is looking to expand into Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar where demand for natural gas is expected to grow, its interim chief executive said on Monday.

Are ASEAN banks ignoring climate change?

ASEAN banks are not doing enough to tackle climate change and environmental degradation. Largely unaware of the climate-related risks embedded in their portfolios, most of them do not have a strategy to manage these risks. Despite being home to some of the world’s largest deforestation hotspots such as the Greater Mekong, Sumatra and Borneo, only […]

Are Southeast Asian nations meeting their climate commitments?

Southeast Asia is among the world’s most at-risk regions when it comes to the impact of global warming. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned in its most recent report that the region is facing rising sea levels, heat waves, droughts and increasingly intense rainstorms.

As palm oil for biofuel rises in Southeast Asia, tropical ecosystems shrink

Indonesia and Malaysia are looking to shore up demand domestically and in China, with the EU having changed course away from biofuels.