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The potential of floating solar power

Thailand is the latest country in Southeast Asia to recognise the untapped potential of floating solar technology after the state-run Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) announced five pilot projects last month. The country’s masterplan includes the installation of floating solar panels in eight hydropower plants nationwide with a total capacity of 1,000 megawatts (MW) […]

The future of Southeast Asian cars is electric

The first image that usually springs to mind when someone mentions any Southeast Asian capital is that of congested roads filled with honking cars and motorcycles. Congested roads have become synonymous with Southeast Asia, and that is not going to change anytime soon. According to the latest data, vehicle sales in Southeast Asia is set […]

Renewable energy investment partnership targets projects in ASEAN

A new $60 million Singapore-based investment entity has been formed to pursue renewable energy projects in Southeast Asia, with projects in the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar first in line. To be based in Singapore, a trio of firms has announced the formation of CleanGrid Partners – a $60 million investment entity which will finance and […]

Southeast Asia journey to adopt clean and low carbon technologies a bumpy one

Southeast Asian countries are beginning to transform the way energy is produced and consumed in order to transition to a low carbon, sustainable economy. But the journey has been a bumpy one and the region has overall been slower to adopt clean and low carbon technologies largely due to an ongoing dependency on coal. Experts interviewed […]

Asean’s Power Landscape Expected to Transform in 2019

Jakarta. Member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are on a path to transform their power landscapes as energy demand continues to rise to match the region’s economic growth potential, a power management company said this week. “In the pursuit of a robust digital economy, Asean is heralding in an era of unprecedented […]

Decoding the future of blockchain for ASEAN in 2019

2019 will mark the tenth anniversary of the first deployment of blockchain technology. It was in 2009 that the still elusive Satoshi Nakamoto released the first version of bitcoin. Since then, the concept of blockchain was inseparably linked with the world of cryptocurrencies. But the burst of the Bitcoin bubble seems to have resulted in […]

It’s decision time for Southeast Asia as power demand soars

Southeast Asia’s energy demand is expected to grow by two-thirds by 2040, requiring massive investment in new energy generation and transmission. Installed capacity will double from 240 gigawatts to 565 gigawatts, which amounts to adding a bit more than Japan’s total electricity capacity. To meet their growing needs, countries have to make pivotal choices. They […]

Southeast Asia ‘smart cities’ redesign roads and grids with Japan

TOKYO — Japan will help build “smart cities” across Southeast Asia, using artificial intelligence and networked devices to tackle problems like road congestion and energy conservation. […]

Realising smart cities in Asean

Asean’s rapid urbanisation has implications for important issues such as strained infrastructure, rising inequalities, and public safety and security. However, if Asean makes full use of technology by bringing its smart cities together, a vision of sustainable and liveable cities across the region will become achievable, writes Phidel Vineles. Asean’s demographic and economic growth has […]

In Asia, bonds are finding it’s easier being green

JAKARTA – Just a few years ago, when Mr Clifford Lee, head of fixed income at DBS, sounded out potential clients about their appetite for green bonds – debt sold specifically for sustainable purposes like building a wind farm – conversations were short and tended to end with “no”. That’s because green bonds were no […]