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What is in store for Southeast Asia’s clean energy sector in 2021?

Southeast Asia’s power sector is set to strike out in a new direction this year, driven by energy security needs and new opportunities for collaboration as some of the world’s biggest polluters step up climate action.

When the wind drops and the sun goes down: how can Southeast Asia handle fluctuating clean power supply?

The intermittency of some renewables that test the resilience of power grids is often touted as an explanation for Southeast Asia’s woeful adoption of cleaner sources of energy.

While Coal Still Dominates in South East Asia, Growth of Wind Power is Urgently Needed

Around the world, there is a palpable sense of urgency to accelerate the energy transition. With millions of citizens participating in the #FridaysForFuture movement and still more facing intensifying natural hazards like typhoons, droughts and hurricanes, climate change has become an indisputable condition of our modern world. Wind and renewable energy have achieved strong progress […]

Why citizens play a key role in Southeast Asia’s energy transition

Some Southeast Asian nations have displayed leadership in facilitating bottom-up renewable energy development. Now it is time for others to follow suit.

Why energy systems in Southeast Asia need to go digital

Traditionally, the development of electricity systems has been built upon two assumptions: demand is not to be controlled; supply, then, must meet demand.

Why is green bond growth in Southeast Asia so weak?

Much of the growth in Asian green bond issuance is in China, with Southeast Asian countries gaining momentum. What can the finance industry do to boost green investments in developing nations in Southeast Asia? While the global market for green bonds reached a record of more than US$155 billion last year, there are still only a few banks in developing countries in […]

Why it’s too early to rule out ‘sexy killer’ coal in Asean’s energy mix

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic, climate movements  had appeared globally and impacted the coal industry. For example, in 2019, a YouTube video titled “Sexy Killers” became a trending topic in Indonesia and damaged the image of coal in the country. The perception of coal as “dirty energy” and moves to phase it out have put the industry […]

Wind, sun to strand US$60 bil of coal assets in Southeast Asia

(Oct 29): Keep pouring money into coal-fired plants and it won’t be just the fuel that’s getting burned. As much as US$60 billion of coal power assets may be stranded in the next decade across Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, according to a new study by Carbon Tracker, which cited tighter environmental policies and competition […]

With the right measures, Southeast Asia could see a post-pandemic EV revolution

The Covid-19 crisis has caused a global economic slowdown, wiped value off stock markets and led to job layoffs. With mobility restrictions urgently imposed to limit the transmission of the coronavirus, events cancelled, consumers’ spending power affected and the public having to adopt new routines and behaviour amid the pandemic, the automotive and transportation industry is […]

World Bank sees rise in energy financing for LNG, RE projects

SINGAPORE – The World Bank Group is anticipating that financing flow in energy projects will be largely dominated by new projects in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewable energy (RE) sectors in the near- to longer-term investment horizons. “LNG will remain to have a lot of space in energy financing as gas demand increases […]