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Wärtsilä signs 5-year maintenance deal for 200MW Cambodian power plant

Technology company Wärtsilä has signed a five-year power plant maintenance agreement covering the Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) C7 power plant, located close to Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Wartsila will power Cambodia’s power plant built by China

Electricite Du Cambodge (EDC), Cambodia’s state-run electricity supplier has inked an agreement with two Chinese companies to build two power plants in Cambodia . One will be powered by a 200 MW generator from Finnish firm Wartsila and built by Chinese firm CGGC-Un Power together with China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC) installing machinery, under […]

Waste collection changes to come in the new year

Come next year, Phnom Penh residents will no longer have waste collection fees included in their electricity bill, thanks to an online payment system. A directive on changes to the payment system was signed by Phnom Penh municipal governor Khuong Sreng on Monday. It said that to modernise public services and ensure everyone paid, waste […]

Waste-to-energy project in Phnom Penh proposed

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has unveiled a project which will convert waste materials to energy in Phnom Penh. A study on the waste materials for conversion will also be conducted simultaneously. The Ministry of Mines and Energy has unveiled a project which will convert waste materials to energy in Phnom Penh. A study on […]

What Will It Take for Cambodia to Actually Strike Oil and Gas?

A new set of international companies are optimistic about Cambodia’s nascent oil and gas industry, but they are investing in an extractive business that has proven costly and yielded only delays, not yet profit. The Canadian-listed gold mining company Angkor Gold announced this year that it would start exploring oil and gas blocks onshore in […]

Why Hun Sen can’t keep the lights on

Cambodia has been gripped by daily blackouts in recent weeks, leaving many parts of the capital Phnom Penh without power for most of the day. As temperatures spike during the region’s hot season, heated questions are rising about why the government can’t seem to keep the lights on. Prime Minister Hun Sen has blamed the […]

Will climate change spell the end of coal and hydropower in the Mekong?

This year has been rough for the 70 million people who call the Mekong River basin home:  a severe drought rocked the region for months before yielding to deadly flooding. The Mekong slowed to its lowest level in recorded history, knocking the world’s largest freshwater fishery—Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake—out of balance. The drought hurt the region’s fishing and farming […]

Wind energy in Cambodia: deal for first wind farm with 10 wind turbines

The government and French-owned The Blue Circle (Cambodia) Co Ltd will soon sign an agreement to build a wind farm in Kampot province – the first of its kind in the Kingdom. The agreement comes as the government has made efforts to diversify its power sources to achieve its target of covering 100 per cent […]

Wind power in Cambodia is possible, says regional power producer

As the world increasingly opens up to renewable energy, Southeast Asia Globe speaks to Olivier Duguet, CEO and co-founder of the Blue Circle, a renewable independent power producer based in Southeast Asia, to find out more about the region’s future energy path. The company has already begun work on a wind farm in Ninh Thuan […]

Wind turbine energy studied for Mondulkiri

A wind turbine energy project with a capacity of 100 megawatts (mW) is undergoing a  feasibility study in Mondulkiri province.