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Renewable energy high priority for Mekong region: scientists

QUẢNG NINH — Cambodia, Laos and Việt Nam must work closer together to make the shift to using more renewable energy. This a vital step in attaining the region’s as well as each country’s sustainable development, said Prof. Đặng Nguyên Anh, Vice President of the Việt Nam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS). “Energy and water […]

Green transformation crucial for adaptation to climate change

Quang Ninh (VNA) – Green transformation for energy and water resource security in the Mekong Sub-region is crucial for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to respond to climate change, experts said at a seminar held in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh on October 16. The event was jointly held by the Vietnam Academy of Social […]

Bentley’s BIM solutions ‘boon to substation projects’

Bentley Systems, a leading provider of advancing infrastructure solutions, said greenfield and brownfield substation projects can reap design collaboration and construction benefits from the  building information modelling (BIM) and realty modelling. Whether designing greenfield substation projects from the ground up or performing brownfield design associated with existing substation infrastructure, intelligent 3D substation design employing BIM […]

Wind power in Cambodia is possible, says regional power producer

As the world increasingly opens up to renewable energy, Southeast Asia Globe speaks to Olivier Duguet, CEO and co-founder of the Blue Circle, a renewable independent power producer based in Southeast Asia, to find out more about the region’s future energy path. The company has already begun work on a wind farm in Ninh Thuan […]

China Reshapes The Vital Mekong River To Power Its Expansion

Chinese tourists account for more visitors to Thailand — and much of Southeast Asia — than from any other country.   The Thai village of Sob Ruak, at the heart of the Golden Triangle region where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet, is no exception. Tour buses routinely disgorge thousands of Chinese tourists to buy trinkets, […]

LPG Consumption Growth of 23% in Cambodia

According to Cambodia’s government figure, LPG consumption grew at rapid rate of 23% in 2017. Cambodia is one of the fastest growing countries in the world.  With an average growth of more than 7%, it is slowly transforming itself from being one of the least developed countries to one of the most rapid and fast […]

Government explains petrol price jump

The retail price of petrol in Cambodia has increased for the third straight month, upsetting many who work in low-paying jobs, such as tuk-tuk drivers. The price jumped to 4,200 riel per litre in mid-October from 3,950 riel in July, according to the Ministry of Commerce. The price increase is hurting low-income families as the […]

Korea Energy Agency Builds Solar Power System for Floating Village in Cambodia

The Korea Energy Agency has built a solar power system for a tiny floating village in Cambodia. A ceremony was held at the village, Kampong Thakov, in Siem Reap, northwestern part of Cambodia, on Sept. 20 to mark the completion of the “Pico-Grid Village Pilot Project.” In attendance at the event were officials from the Ministry of […]

Phnom Penh looks to go green in its war on waste

Phnom Penh is looking to go green in its efforts to tackle the mountain of waste – nearly 3,000 tonnes – that the capital now produces each day, Keo Channarith, the director of the Dangkor Dumpsite Management Committee, said on Thursday. “If we look at the figures over the past three years, the capital’s waste […]