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Two power plants planned in Laos for sale of electricity to Cambodia

Construction of two coal-fired power plants will begin at the end of this year in Sekong province in the southeast of Laos, according to a senior government official.

Thailand Rejects New Technical Report on Planned Large Lao Mekong Mainstream Dam

Thailand has rejected a new technical report on Laos’ Sanakham dam project, one of nine large-scale Mekong river mainstream dams integral to Vientiane’s controversial economic strategy of becoming the “Battery of Southeast Asia.”

Lao govt to inspect safety of hydropower dams every five years

Why is Laos building Mekong dams it doesn’t need?

Thailand’s economic slump during the coronavirus pandemic led to a drop in electricity demand, with officials estimating power reserves currently at 50% over total capacity.

FROM THE FIELD: Laos villages transformed by solar power

For people living off-grid in remote villages in Laos, solar energy offers a clean, sustainable way to bring electricity for all, and the promise to transform their lives.

Lao Plan to Build Another Big Mekong Dam Dismays Villagers, Concerns Thais

Laos is preparing to build what will be its seventh of nine planned large-scale Mekong river mainstream dams, the latest project in its controversial economic strategy to become the “battery of Southeast Asia,” sources in the country told RFA.

Laos – the ‘battery’ of Asia and a ticking environmental time bomb

Number of power plants soon to be completed by the end of 2020:53 hydropower plants under construction or in the planning stage, including those set to be completed this year; there will be more than 90 hydropower plants in Laos with a combined installed capacity of almost 14,000MW.

Thai protests slow transition to renewables

Excess power capacity and complicated market governance are contributing to providers’ unwillingness to further invest in solar and wind

VN set to buy more electricity from Laos amid projected energy shortage

Vietnam is keen to import more electricity from Laos to address its projected energy shortages, according to a senior official.

Vietnam to purchase more power from Laos

National utility Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has signed three memoranda to purchase power from Laotian companies amid expected energy shortages.