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Indonesia, Vietnam energy transition financing under G7-funded plans

JAKARTA/HANOI, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Plans to reduce the use of coal in Indonesia and Vietnam with financial support from… (Read more)

Indonesia Lays Out Emissions Roadmap for $20 BN Energy Transition Pact

Jakarta - Indonesia slashed carbon emissions targets for its power sector by 2030 and pledged to boost the share of… (Read more)

Minister stresses hydropower use to speed up energy transition

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif, has called for the use of hydropower to accelerate… (Read more)

In the name of sustainability, Cambodia risks its ‘final frontier’ of biodiversity

VIRACHEY NATIONAL PARK, CAMBODIA – Vines, wrapped around the charred skeleton of a logging truck, seem to drag it deeper into… (Read more)

Asean energy transition faces financing challenges

Southeast Asian countries need much more funding to meet their energy transition goals, and blended financing is key, speakers at… (Read more)

Indonesia’s Pertamina Fortifies Energy Transition Partnership With SINOPEC

PT Pertamina (Persero) is deepening its collaboration with SINOPEC, a Chinese state-owned energy company, to expedite its commitment to energy… (Read more)

Indonesia launches $20 billion renewable energy investment plan

JAKARTA, Nov 21 (Reuters) - Indonesia launched on Tuesday its investment plan to mobilise $20 billion in financing pledged by… (Read more)

Indonesia visit to drive electric vehicle cooperation

Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic will visit Jakarta to further cooperation and collaboration with Indonesia on battery technologies… (Read more)

Russia Offers to Help Indonesia Build Nuclear Power Plants​​​​​​​

Jakarta. Russia is offering to work with Indonesia on nuclear power generators while saying that the cooperation can range from possible financing… (Read more)

Philippines and US sign nuclear co-operation agreement

The Governments of the Philippines and the USA signed an “Agreement for Cooperation Concerning Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy” also… (Read more)