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‘Unbundling’ oil prices is not regulatory, DOE official says

The Department of Energy (DOE) is firm in its position requiring oil companies to “unbundle” or reveal the details of… (Read more)

‘Vietnam can leap the hurdles and take its place as an offshore wind leader’

Home to a population of over 96 million, Vietnam’s energy needs are ever-increasing and it is one of the most… (Read more)

‘We attack,’ Indonesia declares in joint bid with Malaysia to shield palm oil

JAKARTA — Palm oil giants Indonesia and Malaysia are teaming up to fight what they call a smear campaign targeted… (Read more)

‘We’ll burn if we don’t act now’: Philippines urged to learn lessons from Australian bushfires

MANILA, Philippines — The massive bushfires raging across Australia that have reportedly killed nearly half a billion animals are a… (Read more)

‘World Bank indirectly funding Asian coal projects’

[JAKARTA] An international team of environmental and financial experts claim in a report that contrary to declarations it made in… (Read more)

‘World’s first international hydrogen supply chain’ realised between Brunei and Japan

A consortium in Japan says it has “realised the world’s first international hydrogen supply chain”, after successfully extracting H2 from a… (Read more)
‘Yellow alert’ in Luzon as San Lorenzo power plant trips

‘Yellow alert’ in Luzon as San Lorenzo power plant trips

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has put the Luzon grid under yellow alert from 1 p.m. to… (Read more)

[Re]Energize Indonesia Hackathon Searches for Renewable Energy Solutions

New Energy Nexus Indonesia, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting renewable energy economy, has recently launched the first smart and… (Read more)

#TECH: Passion for climate change sparked smart energy consumption solution for buildings

BUILDINGS consume a lot of energy from the use of air-conditioners, lights and other equipment. Can these be controlled and… (Read more)

#TECH: Reduce congestion and carbon footprint with Ryde

The Ryde app will reduce congestion and carbon footprint, writes Nur Zarina Othman DO you know that in 2018, carbon… (Read more)