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Bandung regional government wishes ownership position in geothermal development

The regional government of Bandung in Indonesia has raised the wish to receive an ownership position in geothermal development companies… (Read more)

Kalinga geothermal project progresses to exploration drilling

CITY OF TABUK, Kalinga, Oct. 15 (PIA) - - Geothermal exploration in the province is progressing with drilling targeted to… (Read more)

Indonesia expects to add 95 MW of additional geothermal capacity this year

Indonesia expects to see a geothermal power generation capacity increase of 95 MW by the end of 2018, with the… (Read more)

International financial agencies confirm their support of geothermal development in Indonesia

The World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other international financial agencies have confirmed their support for geothermal development in Indonesia.… (Read more)

West Java represents 61% of Indonesia’s geothermal power generation capacity

With an installed geothermal power generation capacity of 1,194 MW, the Province of West Java represents around 61% of the… (Read more)

Renewable brew: Indonesian geothermal project energises women coffee growers

Renewable brew: Indonesian geothermal project energises women coffee growers. Coffee farmers in matrilineal villages in a mountainous region of Indonesia are… (Read more)

Coca-Cola FEMSA taps First Gen for renewable shift

First Gen Corp CFO and SVP Emmanuel Singson, SVP Victor Santos Jr., Energy Development Corp President and COO Richard Tantoco,… (Read more)

Continental Temic taps EDC for power

Global automotive parts company Continental Temic Electronics Philippines signed an agreement with geothermal power producer Energy Development Corp. for the… (Read more)

Ansaldo Energia revs up energy development in Indonesia

It is willing to offer top technologies to customers in Indonesia as its power market is expected to grow at… (Read more)

Automative parts company to buy geothermal power from EDC in the Philippines

EDC signed a 2-year power purchase agreement with automative parts company Continental Temic Electronics in the Philippines under which it… (Read more)