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POSCO International: Oil Price Plunge to Harm Earnings

POSCO International posted consensus-satisfying earnings for 1Q20. But, concerns towards its earnings from 2Q20 are emerging on likely: 1) earnings… (Read more)

POSCO sets up solar power system on Myanmar’s Manaung Island

POSCO International announced it has completed a photovoltaic power generation system on Manaung Island near the Myanmar Gas Field. Manaung… (Read more)

Positioning solar power for Singapore’s net zero future

As Singapore mulls over its 2050 net zero target, major economies around the world have already set forth plans to… (Read more)

Positive outlook for financing floating solar projects in Southeast Asia

The proven ability to install large-scale floating PV plants on water bodies across Southeast Asia means financing should be readily… (Read more)

Positive outlook for renewable energy

KUALA LUMPUR: The outlook remains positive for the renewable energy (RE) sector despite growth being halted by stalled business activities… (Read more)

Possible technical error behind ‘unusually high’ electricity bill charges

PUTRAJAYA: The authorities believe that the recent spate of unusually high electricity bill charges affecting a number of consumers is… (Read more)

Poultry waste-to-energy power plant to open in Singapore

Acropower, a subsidiary of Acromec, an engineering firm based in Singapore, has signed an agreement with Chew's Agriculture, a commercial… (Read more)

Power a priority to cope with Thai EEC demands

Thailand's Ministry of Energy is seeking acceleration of new power projects to cope with the expected sharp spike in electricity… (Read more)

Power bill cut for 22m houses

The cabinet has formally approved energy authorities' decision to either waive or cut electricity charges for 22 million households where… (Read more)

Power bills poised to rise 4.6% in early 2022

Power bills are set to increase by 4.6% from January to April next year to an average of 3.78 baht… (Read more)