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Philippines’ largest green office building to rise in Cebu

CEBU CITY — Green developer ArthaLand Corp. is bringing a new brand of sustainable development in Cebu, as the company… (Read more)

Workshop focusses on UK oil and gas assets decommissioning

A FOUR-DAY Decommissioning and Restoration Workshop, hosted by the Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry (MEMI) in collaboration with the… (Read more)

Myanmar: New electricity rates set to be announced this year

Any rise in electricity rates to be announced this year will take into account the needs of ordinary people, Deputy… (Read more)

National power plan expands private output

Monks walk past a solar farm on their way to the temple after morning alms rounds. The latest version of… (Read more)

Enrile warns of ‘looming’ energy crisis

MANILA, Philippines — The government should quickly address a looming energy crisis that may “worsen” with the “Build, Build, Build”… (Read more)

Southeast Asia journey to adopt clean and low carbon technologies a bumpy one

Southeast Asian countries are beginning to transform the way energy is produced and consumed in order to transition to a… (Read more)

National grid to reach all provinces next year

The government says it plans to have all 24 provinces in the country connected to the national grid by 2020.… (Read more)

Asean’s Power Landscape Expected to Transform in 2019

Jakarta. Member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are on a path to transform their power landscapes as… (Read more)

Global Power Synergy set to grow power and utilities

Chawalit Tippawanich, president and chief executive for PTT’s power arm, GPSC, said that its board on Monday agreed that either… (Read more)

Sharing Singapore’s smart-city experience

Singapore is a small country with no natural resources, but it has successfully harnessed technology, including sensors and automated meters,… (Read more)