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Thailand to affirm climate credentials in Madrid

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Thailand will affirm its commitment to mitigating the impact of climate change at the… (Read more)

Thailand to cap diesel prices, sees 2021 GDP growth

BANGKOK, Oct 4 (Reuters) - Thailand will cap retail diesel prices at 30 baht ($0.89) per litre until the end of the… (Read more)

Thailand to develop free market for liquefied natural gas

Thailand’s Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) plans to fully develop a free market for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the next three years, to ensure… (Read more)

Thailand to extend cap on diesel prices to help consumers

BANGKOK, Oct 20 (Reuters) - Thailand will extend its diesel price cap of 30 baht ($0.8987) per litre beyond this… (Read more)

Thailand to go full EV by 2035, but what does it mean for us?

Thailand, one of the major automotive hubs in Southeast Asia, made a huge announcement. It seems the Detroit of Asia… (Read more)

Thailand to push blockchain use

The future of blockchain currently seems uncertain following the crash in cryptocurrency prices. However, enthusiasm abounded at the World Blockchain… (Read more)

Thailand to put world’s largest floating solar farm into use this June

Bangkok (VNA) – State-run Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) expects to operate a 45-megawatt floating solar farm it claims… (Read more)

Thailand to slash stockpile of crude palm oil

BANGKOK (Sept 8): Thailand’s cabinet has approved plans to reduce the country’s huge crude palm oil (CPO) stockpile to shore… (Read more)

Thailand to use smart grid to predict outages

One of Thailand’s major utilities plans to use data from a smart grid and smart meters to track and predict electricity outages… (Read more)

Thailand tops UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) rank in ASEAN

BANGKOK, 1 July 2019 (NNT) – The Prime Minister is satisfied with the latest Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ranking where… (Read more)