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Southeast Asia Wind Sector Will Need Up To $14bn In Investments By 2030, Says Report

A new study released by Wood Mackenzie highlights that Southeast Asia requires $14 billion in investment by 2030 in order… (Read more)

Southeast Asia’s balancing act between its climate goals and other priorities

Carbon neutrality is a shared planetary destination, but Southeast Asian countries are laying out their own road maps — including… (Read more)

Southeast Asia’s largest solar farm begins operations in southern Vietnam

A 420 MW solar power project, the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia, has officially started production in Tay… (Read more)

Southeast Asia’s renewables held back by policy inaction: IRENA

In Southeast Asia, though, barring some exceptions such as in Thailand, support for renewables has been smaller, and the region… (Read more)

Southeast Asia’s biggest solar energy park coming up in Johor

JOHOR BAHRU: Johor is set to become a major producer of eco-friendly energy in Southeast Asia with the opening of… (Read more)

Southeast Asia’s Clean Energy Challenge

While the region can’t give up on coal for now, there is a lot it can do to get clean.… (Read more)

Southeast Asia’s electric car revolution

Driving attitudes across the region has changed dramatically with the introduction of electric vehicles into the personal mobility market. As… (Read more)

Southeast Asia’s hydropower boom grinds to a halt as COVID-19 stalls projects

Incomplete and prospective hydropower dam projects in Southeast Asia, particularly along the Mekong River and its tributaries, are at risk… (Read more)

Southeast Asia’s modern-day plague

Southeast Asia is known for its vast rainforests which constitute about almost 20 percent of forest cover with the richest biodiversity… (Read more)

Southeast Asia’s oil and gas output at lowest level since 1998

The Covid-19 pandemic has marked the end of an era for Southeast Asia’s combined oil and gas production, pushing the… (Read more)