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Singapore plans to license more LNG bunker suppliers

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) will launch a Request For Proposals (RFP) process in the coming weeks,… (Read more)

Singapore pledges to phase out unabated coal in electricity mix by 2050

GLASGOW - Singapore on Thursday (Nov 4) joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance, an international coalition of countries, cities, regions… (Read more)

Singapore power prices soar 1,290% in two days on shortages

(Dec 2): Singapore is facing another dramatic spike in wholesale power prices, as the import-dependent nation grapples with a global… (Read more)

Singapore prepares to swap its oil hub status for a greener future

ROYAL Dutch Shell announced late last year that it would slash capacity by half at its biggest oil refinery. (Read more)

Singapore promotes clean energy development

(Read more)

Singapore proposes green standards for power generation firms

The government of Singapore has proposed a new law to set green standards for power generation firms and reduce their… (Read more)

Singapore public sector to cut waste by 30%, reduce energy, water use by 10% by 2030: Grace Fu

SINGAPORE — As part of Singapore’s efforts to build a more sustainable future, the public sector is aiming to cut… (Read more)

Singapore pushes shipping industry to use cleaner fuels to reduce carbon emissions

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore is pushing the shipping industry to use cleaner fuels such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) in… (Read more)

Singapore Raises Power Tariffs by 10%, Adding to Price Pressures

Singapore’s state-owned grid operator announced it is raising electricity tariffs to cover the higher cost of imported natural gas, adding… (Read more)

Singapore ranks fifth in total green office space certifications

It lagged behind Beijing and Sydney with only around 13 million sqft of certified green space. Singapore came in fifth… (Read more)