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Air taxis will be tested in Singapore skies next year – here are 5 things to know about the Volocopter

A man who can fly, a robotic supermarket, and now, flying taxis? We are living in the future. Volocopter, a… (Read more)

Govt readies additional supply of electricity to meet demand

Arrangements have been made to prepare sufficient electricity to meet rising demand next year, according to the Ministry of Electricity… (Read more)

Philippines Scrambles to Find Undersea Energy as Import Prices Hit Consumers

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, left, walks along his Philippine counterpart Rodrigo Duterte as they meet in Jerusalem, Israel, Tuesday, Sept.… (Read more)

Calls for removal of energy obstructions

Vietnam is among those hardest-hit by climate change, but renewables investment is slow As Vietnam strives to ensure sufficient energy… (Read more)

Fuel-efficient cooking stoves in 22,000 households in Mandalay

Some 22,000 households in Mandalay Region are using fuel-efficient stoves as part of a government effort to reduce the use of… (Read more)

Cambodia needs solar to drive down electricity prices

According to the UNDP, a full economic evaluation of the costs and advantages of solar energy in the country is… (Read more)

Minister pushes for energy efficiency

Environment Minister Say Samal yesterday urged people to use energy more efficiently and enjoy benefits such as lower costs and… (Read more)

Local farmers to have easier access to financing

From left, Paul, Ismawi, Mohamad Taufik and Syed Ibrahim at the signing ceremony while in the back row from left,… (Read more)

Switched on: Top electric power conference heads to Thailand

The Power and Energy Society (PES), which bills itself as the the world’s largest forum for the electric power industry,… (Read more)

MIDF: Malaysia’s economy strong enough to withstand external crises

MIDF said due to the insignificant foreign debt service charges, government expenditure would not be hampered if the ringgit devalued… (Read more)