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The Australian $16 billion solar energy project will be the largest globally

The Australia–ASEAN Power Link will become the largest renewable energy project globally, bringing together a combination of various resources like… (Read more)

The Big Read: Can a higher carbon tax lead Singapore to the promised green land?

SINGAPORE: Back in 2019, when Singaore became the first Southeast Asian country to implement a carbon tax — touted as… (Read more)

The Blue Circle to add wind power to Cambodia’s energy production

Energy security is Cambodia’s next burning challenge. But The Blue Circle Chief Executive Officer Olivier Duguet has a novel solution… (Read more)

The business case for net zero in Malaysia — Malaysia Green Building Confederation

OCTOBER 29 — This letter is in response to Malay Mail’s article, dated 18 September 2018, titled “Putrajaya says no… (Read more)

The Challenge of Electrifying Myanmar’s Household

(Read more)

The coming dynamo

Energy storage systems (ESS) using lithium-ion batteries should soon be a rising star, as many Thai companies are heavily investing… (Read more)

The complexities of Thailand’s energy landscape

Thailand’s Power Development Plan (PDP) is the nation’s roadmap for power generation, distribution and consumption. The PDP was updated in… (Read more)

The Danish Energy Agency and Vietnamese authorities discuss steps to move offshore wind expansion forward in Vietnam

The Danish Energy Agency and the Vietnamese Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority are preparing an Input to Roadmap report for… (Read more)

The dawn of distributed energy

Battle lines were drawn during the first public consultation for Senate Bill 1719 (otherwise known as the Solar Adoption Act)… (Read more)

The electric car push is serious

Three of the world's most prolific auto manufacturers have already gotten into deal where they plan to reduce their internal… (Read more)