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Singapore Seeks Bids for New Power Plant in Energy Security Push

Singapore is looking for a company to build a new power plant in its latest push to enhance energy security.… (Read more)

Singapore seeks proposals to test renewable energy use for Jurong Island – minister

SINGAPORE, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Singapore's Energy Market Authority (EMA) and JTC Corporation (JTC) will launch a S$6 million ($4.46… (Read more)

Singapore Sees Greener Future in Trading Power With Neighbors

Singapore’s state-owned power grid operator wants to build more connections to neighboring countries to tap their greater potential for renewable… (Read more)

Singapore sees world’s first digital exchange platform for airlines to trade carbon credits

SINGAPORE - A global blockchain-based carbon exchange was launched on Wednesday (Oct 30), offering a marketplace for airlines and other… (Read more)

Singapore set to become world’s first sustainable palm oil nation

[KUALA LUMPUR] Singapore could become the world's first country to only use sustainable palm oil as part of a green… (Read more)

Singapore Set to Get a New Peer-to-Peer Renewable Trading Platform

Singapore-based Senoko Energy announced that it had launched a pilot project for peer-to-peer (P2P) renewable energy trading. The project is supported by… (Read more)

Singapore sets ‘aspirational targets’ for energy and chemicals sector, part of move to transform Jurong Island

SINGAPORE: Singapore has set "aspirational targets" for its energy & chemicals (E&C) sector to increase its output of sustainable products… (Read more)

Singapore sets sustainable energy as main focus for LTMS power project

Singapore has set sustainable energy as its focus with its commitment to the LTMS Power Integration Project (LTMS-PIP), Second Minister for… (Read more)

Singapore sets up first battery storage system to improve port energy usage

SINGAPORE: Singapore has set up its first battery energy storage system to manage peak consumption at the world's largest container… (Read more)

Singapore shares slip as oil tumbles, Malaysia edges up

Weak crude oil prices weigh on rig-builders, petroleum services firms KUALA LUMPUR (Nikkei Markets) -- Singapore shares fell Wednesday as… (Read more)