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Green transport the way forward

KUALA LUMPUR: The yearly hike in the number of vehicles clogging up city roads has resulted in a pressing need for… (Read more)

Singapore pushes shipping industry to use cleaner fuels to reduce carbon emissions

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore is pushing the shipping industry to use cleaner fuels such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) in… (Read more)

Dense, well-planned cities are part of a sustainable future, says Singapore minister

Growing migration to cities is part of the solution for a more sustainable future, said Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian… (Read more)

Energy experts push for cleaner fuel in PH

MANILA — A group of energy advocates have formed the Philippine Energy Independence Council (PEIC) whose main goal is to move… (Read more)

Banpu brings green energy experience to Loy Krathong festival in Sukhothai

Renewable or green energy has stepped in to play a more crucial role in people's daily lives and how today's… (Read more)

ENGIE to explore energy efficiency for industrial buildings in Singapore

French utility ENGIE has joined forces with Singapore’s state industrial estate developer JTC to explore energy efficiency solutions for industrial… (Read more)

Start-up backed by Temasek Foundation unveils new ‘greener’ fan to cool Singaporeans

SINGAPORE — A United States start-up backed by Temasek Foundation has unveiled a new bladeless fan to help Singaporeans beat… (Read more)

Scientists Develop Gel That Turns Humidity Into Energy

(CN) – Researchers in Singapore have created a moisture-absorbent gel that generates its own energy while dehumidifying a room and… (Read more)

Hydrogen: The long overdue solution

Energy transition and decarbonisation are becoming increasingly critical to addressing the ever-growing concerns of climate change. In spearheading decarbonisation efforts,… (Read more)

These fans aren’t just green— they’re smart, too

In a country where there is at least one electric fan in every home, it pays to invest wisely in… (Read more)