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Vietnam to Go Back to Solar Auctions, Decides to Ditch Feed-in-Tariffs

After months of confusion and uncertainty over the future of renewable projects in Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has… (Read more)

P200-M solar power seen to boost seaweed production

DAVAO CITY -- A PHP200 million solar-diesel hybrid power generation facility will be established in Tawi-Tawi next year, an official… (Read more)

An industrial port in Singapore powered by solar—a model for other power-hungry industries?

Energy-intensive, carbon-heavy industrial ports rarely receive praise for their emissions reduction efforts, but it can be done, and Singapore’s Jurong… (Read more)

Vietnam’s golden solar years aren’t over, despite policy changes

A new era dawns for solar power in Vietnam. Last month, the Vietnamese government announced it would shift to an… (Read more)

South East Asia Solar Energy Market Forecasts to 2029: Data on Solar Demand, Energy Generation, Power Capacity

South East Asia is becoming one of the fastest-growing solar energy markets due to rising demand for electricity and abundance… (Read more)

Solar power plants established on three small islands in East Nusa Tenggara

State-owned electricity company PLN has established three solar power plants in Alor regency, East Nusa Tenggara, as part of the… (Read more)

Flaring solar investment ruptures infrastructure in 2019

To capitalize on incentives, investors racing to complete solar power plants before June-end caused the national power grid to overload.… (Read more)

POSCO sets up solar power system on Myanmar’s Manaung Island

POSCO International announced it has completed a photovoltaic power generation system on Manaung Island near the Myanmar Gas Field. Manaung… (Read more)

Vietnam’s solar opportunities shine bright

Vietnam is set for a surge in power demand and consumption over the coming decade, which will stimulate the need… (Read more)

The wind and solar power sources will reach over 20,000MW by 2025

According to forecasts, the wind and solar power sources in Vietnam will increase sharply in the period of 2021-2023 to… (Read more)