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Philippines urged to raise power investments to $62 billion

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines will need to double investments in power systems to $62 billion by 2040 to accelerate… (Read more)

Cambodia asks Chinese EV company to install more charging stations

Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chathol has encouraged Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company BYD to install more EV charging stations… (Read more)

Singapore Centralizes Gas Purchases to Boost Energy Security

Singapore will centralize natural gas purchases in a bid to improve the stability and security of its power sector. The… (Read more)

To minimise electricity price volatility, Singapore will centralise procurement and supply of gas

SINGAPORE: In a bid to avoid wild swings in electricity prices brought about by energy shortages, the Singapore government will establish… (Read more)

Renewable Energy Vital for Vietnam’s Decarbonization Goals: BloombergNEF Report

Vietnam is facing a critical juncture in its ambitious journey towards decarbonization, with the country’s long-term goal to phase out… (Read more)

Singapore and UAE deepen collaboration to combat climate change, ink 8 agreements

ABU DHABI - Singapore and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have committed to ensuring the most ambitious outcomes in the… (Read more)

In Sarawak, 43 rural schools equipped with hybrid solar systems

KUCHING, Oct 21 ― A total of 43 rural schools in Sarawak have been equipped with hybrid solar systems. This… (Read more)

Study use of wind turbine to expand portfolio of renewable energy, says MP

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 — A member of parliament has proposed that the government explore and study the potential of… (Read more)

Cambodia to Bank on Solar, Imports to Address Hydropower Volatility

SINGAPORE — Cambodia will bank on scaling up solar projects and electricity imports from neighboring countries through regional grid interconnections to… (Read more)

Saudi Arabia mulls energy investment in Vietnam

The government of Saudi Arabia will consider investing in Vietnam’s energy sector, especially renewables, and its large companies have also… (Read more)