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The Rantau Dedap geothermal power plant to provide clean energy to Sumatra, Indonesia

In an article shared by global engineering, management and development consultancy Matt MacDonald, the company reports on its work on… (Read more)

115 MW of geothermal capacity under development on Flores Island, Indonesia

State utility PT PLN supports development on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia, by adding electricity capacity in the… (Read more)

Two geothermal projects approved to provide simplified regulatory procedures

Energy Development Corp. (EDC) and Geothermal Power Co. Philippines. Inc. has been approved for two geothermal projects to provide simplified… (Read more)

Indonesia preparing change to more favourable geothermal feed-in-tariffs

With continued challenges to attract investors to develop geothermal projects in Indonesia, the country is now looking to change its… (Read more)

AC Energy seals purchase of Chevron assets

MANILA, Philippines – AC Energy Holdings Inc. of the Ayala Group and its partners have sealed the purchase and acquisition… (Read more)

West Sumatra’s first geothermal plant kicks off at 85 MW

Jakarta-based renewables company Supreme Energy has commenced operation of its 85-megawatt (MW) Muara Laboh geothermal power plant in South Solok… (Read more)

Indonesia lures Sumitomo to its geothermal power sources

TOKYO -- Sumitomo Corp. has joined geothermal power projects in Indonesia designed to eventually generate 400 megawatts worth of electricity, (Read more)

Planned new Indonesian capital could tap into geothermal energy for power

Earlier this year, it was reported that Indonesia is looking to move its capital from Jakarta to a new city.… (Read more)

Wind power in Cambodia is possible, says regional power producer

As the world increasingly opens up to renewable energy, Southeast Asia Globe speaks to Olivier Duguet, CEO and co-founder of… (Read more)

Singaporeans dish second helping of Vietnam wind

Singaporean developer Blue Circle has completed construction of phase two of the Dam Nai wind farm in Vietnam bringing total… (Read more)