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Vietnam explodes in solar energy: BNN Bloomberg

BNN Bloomberg, Canada's business news network reporting on finance and markets, has recently published an article highlighting the extraordinary 100-fold… (Read more)

Vietnam eyes $128bn investment in gas and renewables

Vietnam will need more than $128 billion of investment to achieve bullish targets in its latest power development plan that… (Read more)

Vietnam eyes doubling of power generation capacity by 2030

HANOI: Vietnam wants to nearly double its total installed power generation capacity to 146,000 megawatts by 2030, and prioritise the… (Read more)

Vietnam eyes green power, not to sacrifice environment for growth | Retail News Asia

he government Thursday reaffirmed Vietnam’s desire for a greener energy mix amid the risk of a power deficiency. Environment-friendly coal-… (Read more)

Vietnam eyes power plants sales to fund new projects, ease debt – media

HANOI, June 2 (Reuters) - Vietnam plans to sell some operational state-owned power plants to foreign investors to raise funds… (Read more)

Vietnam faces imminent power shortage, calls for energy-saving

HANOI, April 2 (Reuters): Vietnam's state-run utility EVN had announced this week and called on citizens to save energy as… (Read more)

Vietnam faces transmission conundrum for renewable energy

Vietnam’s national grid is ill-equipped to handle the power surge from new renewable energy plants seeking to come online this… (Read more)

Vietnam Facing Power Shortage— Looking for Alternatives

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has warned of a possible power shortage in 2021 and asked other officials to… (Read more)

Vietnam Fights China Moves to Hinder Offshore Energy Exploration

Vietnam is pushing back harder against China’s efforts to isolate it diplomatically on a territorial dispute in an energy-rich part… (Read more)

Vietnam finally unveils new FITs for large-scale, rooftop, floating PV

Hanoi has set new feed-in tariff rates for utility-scale, rooftop and floating PV projects, ending a long period of policy… (Read more)