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The most important country for the global climate no one is talking about

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, but manages to fly well below the radar. World leaders… (Read more)

The need for renewable energy cooperation

In October, the United Nations (UN) released a report which highlighted that the world could be on the brink of… (Read more)

The Northern Territory’s sunshine will soon be lighting up Singapore

Forget Australia’s Big Banana, Big Pineapple and Big Merino. The world’s biggest battery, largest solar farm and longest subsea power… (Read more)

The Norwegian ambassador in Hanoi proposes wind energy as Vietnam’s new energy source

The Norwegian ambassador in Hanoi Grete Lochen was present at the Vietnam Onshore Offshore Wind Summit 2020 in Hanoi to… (Read more)

The Palm Oil Conundrum in EU-ASEAN Relations

With new regulatory changes now taking place on the basis of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) II of 2018, Indonesia… (Read more)

The Philippines approve Tokyo Gas’s LNG terminal project

Japan’s Tokyo Gas and the Philippines utility First Gen have received approval to build a $10 billion LNG receiving terminal… (Read more)

The Philippines cannot do without fossil fuels just yet: Ayala and Lopez bosses

Instead of an 'overnight shift', there must be a ‘balance’ between the use of renewables and transition fuels like natural… (Read more)

The Philippines Deploys Smart Technology to Save Energy

Knowing how much savings the act can entail, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is endorsing ICT technology as… (Read more)

The Philippines Energy Regulator Commission (ERC) has set 19.7 days as allowable outage days for geothermal facilities

As reported from Manila, Philippines, the country’s Energy  Regulator Commission (ERC) has announced tighter rules and benchmarks on allowable service… (Read more)

The Philippines is eyeing nuclear power as a green option

By 2022 the island nation of the Philippines plans to bring electricity to the homes of all its 105 million… (Read more)