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Hydrogen storage to reinforce sustainability of renewable energy

MUNICH, Germany – With the “green-leaning” transformative phase happening in the energy sector globally, hydrogen storage is being dangled as… (Read more)

Malaysia in discussion with China firms on pipeline compensation

KUALA LUMPUR (BLOOMBERG) - Malaysia is in discussions with China-based contractors for compensation relating to pipeline projects worth 9.4 billion… (Read more)

New electricity tariffs more renewable: EVN

From 2011-2014, the electric tariffs were divided into seven scales. Then, in 2015 the electric tariffs were reduced to six… (Read more)

In Vietnam’s booming energy sector coal reigns, but renewables play catch-up

HANOI/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Vietnam has become a hot spot for energy investors eying a spend of up to $150 billion… (Read more)

Ministry asked about Mekong plan

A member of the Supreme Consultation Forum told The Post on Thursday that he had questioned the Ministry of Mines… (Read more)

1,300 Villages to Receive Solar-Generated Electricity in FY2019-20

MANDALAY—Over 1,300 villages in rural areas of five regions will get access to electricity through solar power in fiscal 2019-20… (Read more)

As Power Cuts Cripple Cambodia, Generator Sales Soar

PHNOM PENH — As the hot season scorches Cambodia’s capital, its 1.5 million residents have struggled to stay cool without air… (Read more)

Lights out for five Singapore power retailers amid fierce competition

FIVE players have called it a day in Singapore's retail electricity market for big businesses amid fierce competition triggered by… (Read more)

Energy Drilling Wins Work in Malaysia

Singapore based Energy Drilling said it has received a letter of award (LOA) on May 15 from EnQuest to perform… (Read more)

10 years in, industry takes the lead in advancing green buildings in Singapore

Reflecting the growing importance of green buildings for Singapore’s climate strategy and economic development, the national certification scheme for building… (Read more)