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Numerous renewables projects thirsty for planning adjustment

News outlet quoted a recent report sent by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) to the Prime Minister… (Read more)

EVN sees sharp drop in power loss

Power loss in Vietnam Electricity (EVN)’s systems has reduced sharply over the years thanks to the firm’s efforts to better… (Read more)

‘Cambodia Electricity Power Cuts Caused By Drought,’ – Official Reports

Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, could see periodic power outages continue until late May due to an electricity shortage attributed to… (Read more)

Energy deregulation in ASEAN: Quicker isn’t necessarily better

At different paces, ASEAN countries are studying the feasibility of energy deregulation. The term applies to the transition from regulated… (Read more)

The youth behind coal-free Negros Occidental

BACOLOD, Philippines – In Negros Occidental, the young generation triumphed in their fight against the use of coal as a… (Read more)

Big-time oil price hike set for March 19

MANILA, Philippines – Amid the water crisis in Metro Manila, consumers are in for another burden as fuel prices are… (Read more)

Vietnam’s Energy Industry Needs Regulatory Reforms, Experts Say

Industry experts have called for regulatory reforms and new policies for Vietnam's energy sector. They said the government needs to… (Read more)

Mindset change, strong leadership required to promote electric mobility

Rapid urbanization has led to traffic congestion and pollution, with the United Nation projecting that the number of the world’s… (Read more)

Hefty Oil Price Hike Seen this Week

MANILA, Philippines — Oil companies are expected to implement a hefty increase on gasoline prices and a minimal hike on… (Read more)

Greater private investment needed for energy future of Vietnam

EuroCham calls for introducing direct power purchase agreements in 2019 with the aim of promoting private investments into renewable electricity… (Read more)