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New electricity tariff depends on EC review

KUALA LUMPUR: New electricity tariff will depend on the next review by the Energy Commission while coal and gas prices… (Read more)

Electric cars will help cut smog in Thailand

Increasing air pollution in Thailand caused by hazardous particulate matter known as PM2.5 has led many people to ask where… (Read more)

Smart grid policy advised for renewable energy progress

At ADB's annual seminar, Ms Preeyanart discussed the evolving approaches to renewable energy projects in developing countries. Regulatory support for… (Read more)

‘Red tape, tight rules discourage investments in renewable energy’

Renewable energy may be one of the government’s new top sources of investment, but industry players have complained it is… (Read more)

Vietnam poised for renewable boom – report

The study from analytics firm GlobalData predicts a a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.4 per cent for currently… (Read more)

Argentina seeks JV, cooperation with Malaysia on renewable, nuclear energy

KUALA LUMPUR: Argentina is seeking joint venture and cooperation with Malaysia in the field of renewable energy and the peaceful… (Read more)

Widodo’s re-election could prompt Shell’s exit

Investment Coordinating Board chairman Thomas Lembong points to Indonesia’s “scariest macro-economic graphic,” showing an energy trade balance where oil and… (Read more)

Shell shelves plan to build renewable energy unit in PH

Royal Dutch Shell Plc. shelved a plan to venture into renewable energy projects in the Philippines and decided to focus… (Read more)

India, Vietnam to strengthen co-op in atomic energy, defence and security

Hanoi: India and Vietnam agreed to further strengthen cooperation in defence and security, peaceful uses of atomic energy and outer… (Read more)

Myanmar to buy power from China

“We will buy 1000MW by 2021 but it is impossible to use all the electricity. We will resell the excess,”… (Read more)