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Singapore will update climate projections no earlier than 2021: MEWR

SINGAPORE — To do more to limit global warming, Singapore can reduce the use of natural gas for its energy… (Read more)

Winners and losers among Singapore companies in current oil surge

Brent crude oil prices are up more than 30 per cent this year and holding - but it won't be… (Read more)

Leviste’s ‘low’ electricity rates questioned

A GROUP of solar energy developers has stepped up its opposition to the nationwide franchise being sought by Solar Para… (Read more)

Jonan: Indonesia Commits to Implement Clean Energy

JAKARTA, NNC - Indonesia Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan onTuesday (10/09) received the visit of the Minister of… (Read more)

Analysis: Malaysia’s Petronas gears up for new investment cycle

RAPID refinery completion will free MYR15-20 billion/year capex Oil price rebound allows Petronas to start new investment cycle Petronas spends… (Read more)

Singapore banks need to warm up to renewable energy financing

THE launch in South Korea on Monday of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on avoiding runaway global… (Read more)

Indonesia says looking at converting old oil refineries into biofuel plants

NUSA DUA, Indonesia (Reuters) - Indonesia is looking into converting two of the country’s older crude oil refineries into plants… (Read more)

First Philippine floating solar farm launched

Floating solar farms are more technically efficient than ground-mounted projects because the cooling effect of the surrounding water on the… (Read more)

INFOGRAPHIC: Natural gas and the Philippines’ rising power demands

MANILA, Philippines – As consumption rates continue to rise and the government’s massive infrastructure program gets underway, one thing is… (Read more)

Challenges in Coal Supply for Thermal Power Production

As thermal power accounts for the largest proportion of Vietnam’s energy production, the country is facing challenges to ensure sufficient… (Read more)