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‘BRI to greatly benefit Cambodia’

Recent research by Moody’s Investors Service revealed Cambodia, which currently has a stable B2 credit rating, is among the countries with the greatest potential for reaping economic benefits from China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). In the new report, Moody’s focuses on the potential long-term economic gains and near- to medium-term macro-stability risks for 12 […]

‘Buy local appliances,’ says energy minister

VP.Start Technology produces GSM products for electric motors. Supplied Minister of Mines and Energy Suy Sem on Wednesday called on distributors and consumers of electronics and appliances to support Cambodian manufacturers by purchasing locally-made products. Sem made the call during the annual meeting of the Electricity Authority of Cambodia in Phnom Penh. “The Ministry is […]

‘Cambodia Electricity Power Cuts Caused By Drought,’ – Official Reports

Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, could see periodic power outages continue until late May due to an electricity shortage attributed to climate change and drought, the Energy Ministry said Monday. The planned outages, which occurred for several hours on multiple days earlier in some Phnom Penh neighbourhoods, may last until the fourth week of May, Victor […]

‘Center Of The Global Battery Industry’: Samsung Builds $1.3 Billion EV Battery Plant In Malaysia

Samsung Electronics’ battery arm, Samsung SDI, has broken ground on a $1.3 billion factory in Malaysia to take advantage of the Southeast Asian country’s solid yet inexpensive tech climate and vie for a place in the growing global market for electric vehicle batteries.

‘Closure of Petron refinery possible’

MANILA, Philippines — The country’s last remaining oil refinery is also in danger of closing down, burdened by the heavy cost of operations due to what it describes as the uneven playing field between importers and refiners.

‘Coal is still king’ in Southeast Asia even as countries work toward cleaner energy

Coal is still a dominant fuel in the rapidly growing economies of Southeast Asia, even amid a general global move toward cleaner energy sources, data from several recent reports show. “The narrative surrounding coal has been pessimistic across the world. This will result in the gradual slowdown of new coal-fired capacity in Southeast Asia,” said Jacqueline Tao, […]

‘Coal plants to boost Luzon grid capacity’

Nearly 6,000 megawatts (MW) of total power generation capacity would be added to the Luzon grid until 2025, the Department of Energy (DOE) said.

‘Days in the sun’

SUMMER is fast approaching, and with it comes a surge in electricity consumption due to rising temperatures.

‘Doubt your electric bill? We climb power poles’

If consumers suspect their electric bill is too high, they can call their local electricity engineer’s office to double check their power usage and ensure the charge is correct, said U Khin Maung Win, deputy minister of Electricity and Energy.

‘Eco treasure’ Sabah could be Malaysia’s renewable energy leader

Power outages making headlines in 2022 are an embarrassment for all Malaysians and another reminder of the inadequacy of the nation’s energy grids. For Sabahans, the severity of its impact on industries and hospitals is literally costing them their jobs and putting their lives at risk. Without proactive and workable policies and solutions, Sabah faces […]