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1-MW Solar Array to cut carbon emission of TMPC plant in Laguna

Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. (TMPC) inaugurated its 1-megawatt (MW) Solar Array at its assembly plant in Laguna. In a statement on Wednesday, the company said this was one of TMP’s major initiatives to minimize its carbon footprint and help mitigate the effects of climate change, based on the global Toyota Environmental Challenge (TEC) 2050. TMP […]

1,300 Villages to Receive Solar-Generated Electricity in FY2019-20

MANDALAY—Over 1,300 villages in rural areas of five regions will get access to electricity through solar power in fiscal 2019-20 as part of the National Electrification Project (NEP), according to the Ministry of Electricity and Energy. The ministry will team up with the Rural Development Department overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation […]

10 lauded for efforts in environmental sustainability

To spur youth into talking constructively about climate change and help them understand the global developments on this front, Ms Melissa Low has been organising training workshops on such negotiations since 2018.

10 MW Hybrid Rooftop and Floating Solar Project to be Developed in Cambodia

Cleantech Solar will develop a 10 MW of hybrid floating and rooftop solar power project for Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation (CMIC) facility at Kampo, Cambodia. Out of 10 MW solar project, 2.8 MW floating solar power project will be built on CMIC’s reservoir, and 7 MW solar project will be installed across multiple rooftops […]

10 years in, industry takes the lead in advancing green buildings in Singapore

Reflecting the growing importance of green buildings for Singapore’s climate strategy and economic development, the national certification scheme for building and construction professionals has been refreshed and handed over to new management. From this July, professionals who want to be certified in the design and development of green buildings will obtain their qualification from the […]

100 Honda PCX e-scooters have been leased for P2,000/month in Romblon

Imagine a place with no shopping malls, no movie houses, no air-conditioned buses, no five-star hotels, no fast-food chains, and no theme parks. We bet you’d have second thoughts about staying in such a place, especially for a long period of time. We’re talking about Romblon, a place so small, a tourist can easily complete the […]

100 plants mulled for solar waste.

The Industry Ministry is considering setting up a plant to handle old and irreparably damaged solar cells. It would also support private companies in establishing roughly 100 plants to either repair or recycle about 90% of between 620,000 and 790,000 tonnes of solar cells whose lives will start to expire in the next three years, […]

100mW solar project a blueprint worth following in future: ADB

Cambodia’s National Solar Park Project, a 100 megawatt (mW) project, which will be the largest to date in the Kingdom, is expected to be completed by early 2022.

11 companies sign deals to buy gas at lower prices

Eleven companies have signed agreements with gas producers to buy cheap natural gas as part of the government’s incentive to boost Indonesia’s economic growth. Four manufacturers and seven gas distributors will, respectively, purchase gas at US$6 per million British thermal unit (mmbtu) and $4 per mmbtu directly from oil and gas fields. The distributors will […]

115 MW of geothermal capacity under development on Flores Island, Indonesia

State utility PT PLN supports development on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia, by adding electricity capacity in the region. PLN also ‘challenged’ investors to invest in the island. The state-owned electricity company even affirms that it is ready to meet the electricity needs of business people who will expand in Flores and its […]