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Why citizens play a key role in Southeast Asia’s energy transition

Some Southeast Asian nations have displayed leadership in facilitating bottom-up renewable energy development. Now it is time for others to follow suit.

Why does Indonesia’s nickel export ban upset the EU?

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — The European Union (EU) has filed a lawsuit against Indonesia to the World Trade Organization (WTO) over Indonesia’s nickel export ban, which took effect on 1 January 2021. The export ban aims to give added values to nickel, meaning that nickel will not be exported in the form of raw ore.

Why energy systems in Southeast Asia need to go digital

Traditionally, the development of electricity systems has been built upon two assumptions: demand is not to be controlled; supply, then, must meet demand.

Why Hun Sen can’t keep the lights on

Cambodia has been gripped by daily blackouts in recent weeks, leaving many parts of the capital Phnom Penh without power for most of the day. As temperatures spike during the region’s hot season, heated questions are rising about why the government can’t seem to keep the lights on. Prime Minister Hun Sen has blamed the […]

Why Indonesia struggles to tap its solar energy potential

JAKARTA: Opened to the public in 1978, Jakarta’s Istiqlal Mosque was built to commemorate Indonesia’s independence.

Why Investors Should Consider Vietnam’s Electric Vehicle Market

The electric vehicle market in Vietnam has not garnered as much attention compared to other countries in the region and globally, but this doesn’t mean that opportunities are not there. Electric vehicles are an irreversible trend and will be the future as governments move towards clean energy and consider the environment. This means that investors […]

Why is green bond growth in Southeast Asia so weak?

Much of the growth in Asian green bond issuance is in China, with Southeast Asian countries gaining momentum. What can the finance industry do to boost green investments in developing nations in Southeast Asia? While the global market for green bonds reached a record of more than US$155 billion last year, there are still only a few banks in developing countries in […]

Why is Laos building Mekong dams it doesn’t need?

Thailand’s economic slump during the coronavirus pandemic led to a drop in electricity demand, with officials estimating power reserves currently at 50% over total capacity.

Why is the Philippines so focused on coal?

ALTHOUGH FOSSIL fuels are the single biggest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, coal continues to be supported by both the government and businesses in the Philippines. While it is the cheapest fuel option, coal is also the most polluting one. With cleaner alternatives such as hydropower, solar, and wind energy readily available and decreasing in […]

Why it’s too early to rule out ‘sexy killer’ coal in Asean’s energy mix

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic, climate movements  had appeared globally and impacted the coal industry. For example, in 2019, a YouTube video titled “Sexy Killers” became a trending topic in Indonesia and damaged the image of coal in the country. The perception of coal as “dirty energy” and moves to phase it out have put the industry […]