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Ministerial Regulation No 49/2017 on the Principal in the Electricity Purchase and Sale Agreement

Ministerial Regulation No 43/2017 on the Utulization of Renewable Energy Resources for the Supply of Electricity

Second Amendment of the MEMR Regulation No 28 2016 on the Electricity Rates Provided by State Electricity Company

Resolution Adopting The Guidelines on The Collection of The Feed-in Tariff Allowance (FIT-ALL) and The Disbursement of The FIT-ALL Fund

Resolution Adopting The Feed-in Tariff Rules

Resolution Adopting The Philippines Small Grid Guidelines

Resolution Approving The Feed-in Tariff Rates

Resolution Adopting The Rules Enabling The Net-metering Program for Renewable Energy

Resolution Adopting The Rules to Govern The Availment and Disbursement of Cash Incentive to Renewable Energy Developers Operating in Missionary Areas

Resolution Adopting and Approving Addendum Amendment No. 1 of The Philippine Grid Code (PGC), Establishing The Connection and Operation Requirement for vRE Generating Facilities