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Adopting The Revised Evaluation Process Flow And Timelines Of Renewable Energy Service Contracts

Application for Approval of The Feed In Tariff Allowance for Calendar Years 2014

Enhancements to the Regulatory Framework for Intermittent Generation Sources in the National Electricity Market of Singapore

Guidelines for The Selection Process of Renewable Energy Projects Under Feed-In Tariff System

Guidelines of Renewable Energy Service/Operating Contract Applications

Implementation of Physical Activities of Utilization of New Energy and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

Implementation of Physical Activity on the Utilization of New and Renewable Energy

List of Projects for the Acceleration of Renewable Energy, Coal and Gas Power Plants Construction and Associated Transmissions (Amendment of the MEMR Regulation No 15 of 2010)

Minesterial Regulation Number 18/2012 on Guideline for Geothermal Implementation

Ministerial Regulation No 05/2010 Delegation of Granting Licenses Authority to the Head of Investment Coordinating Board