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Procedures for Providing Business Feasibility Assurance from State Utility Company (PLN) for the Development of Power Plants Using Renewables, Coal and Gas Through Cooperation with Private Electricity Developers

Physical Implementation of New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Activities

Ministerial Regulation No 35/2013 on Business Licensing Procedures for Electricity

Ministerial Regulation No 26/2012 Cross Country Permit Application Procedures for Electricity Sale, Purchase, License and Interconnected Network

Organization of the Energy Policy and Planning Office Ministry of Energy

Technical Guideline of Special Allocation Fund on Rural Energy Sector Fiscal Year 2014 (Micro Hydro, PV and Biogas)

Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources for Electricity Supply

Implementation of Physical Activities of Utilization of New Energy and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

Ministerial Regulation No 37/2017 Geothermal Working Areas for Indirect Utilization

Procedure for Providing Energy Saving Solar Power Lamps