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List of Projects for the Acceleration of Renewable Energy, Coal and Gas Power Plants Construction and Associated Transmissions (Amendment of the MEMR Regulation No 15 of 2010)

Mechanism for Determining the Basic Provision Cost for State Electricity Companies

Mechanism Supporting The Development of Wind Power Project in Vietnam

Minesterial Regulation Number 18/2012 on Guideline for Geothermal Implementation

Ministerial Regulation No 05/2010 Delegation of Granting Licenses Authority to the Head of Investment Coordinating Board

Ministerial Regulation No 19/2016 Feed in Tariff for Solar PV

Ministerial Regulation No 26/2012 Cross Country Permit Application Procedures for Electricity Sale, Purchase, License and Interconnected Network

Ministerial Regulation No 28/2012 on Application Procedure for Power Supply Operating Area for Public Interest

Ministerial Regulation No 35/2013 on Business Licensing Procedures for Electricity

Ministerial Regulation No 37/2017 Geothermal Working Areas for Indirect Utilization