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Ministerial Regulation No 37/2017 Geothermal Working Areas for Indirect Utilization

Procedure for Providing Energy Saving Solar Power Lamps

Subsidise Mechanism of Electricity in Household

Tariff of Electricity Supplied by State Electricity Company (PLN)

Ministerial Regulation No 28/2012 on Application Procedure for Power Supply Operating Area for Public Interest

Ministerial Regulation No. 25/2013 on Provision, Utilization, and Administration of Biofuel as Alternative Energy

Procedures for Reconciliation, Deposit and Reporting of Geothermal Production Bonuses

Ministerial Regulation No. 19/2015 on the Purchasing of Electricity by PLN from Hydro Power

Power Purchase From Biomass and Biogas Power Generator by State Electricity Company (PLN)

Second Amendment on Ministerial Regulation No15 2010 on List of Power Generation Development Project Acceleration