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Procedures for Providing Business Feasibility Assurance from State Utility Company (PLN) for the Development of Power Plants Using Renewables, Coal and Gas Through Cooperation with Private Electricity Developers

National Energy Policy

National Energy Master Plan (RUEN)

Vietnam Electricity Law

Thailand Power Development Plan 2012-2030

Tariff of Electricity Supplied by State Electricity Company (PLN) (Revision of MEMR Regulation No 28 of 2016)

Subsidise Mechanism of Electricity in Household

Second Amendment on Ministerial Regulation No15 2010 on List of Power Generation Development Project Acceleration

Second Amendment of the MEMR Regulation No 28 2016 on the Electricity Rates Provided by State Electricity Company

Second Amendment of Ministerial Regulation No 1273 K/30/MEM/2002 on Electricity Competency Accreditation Commission