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Implementation of Physical Activity on the Utilization of New and Renewable Energy

Investment Promotion of Sustainable Development

List of Projects for the Acceleration of Renewable Energy, Coal and Gas Power Plants Construction and Associated Transmissions (Amendment of the MEMR Regulation No 15 of 2010)

Ministerial Regulation No 26/2012 Cross Country Permit Application Procedures for Electricity Sale, Purchase, License and Interconnected Network

Ministerial Regulation No 28/2012 on Application Procedure for Power Supply Operating Area for Public Interest

Presidential Regulation No 16/2012 on General Plan on Investment

Resolution Approving The Feed-in Tariff Rates

Singapore’s National Climate Change Strategy 2012

Thailand Power Development Plan 2012-2030

The Renewable and Alternative Energy Development Plan for 25 Percent in 10 Years (AEDP 2012-2021)