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Singapore’s Third National Communication and First Biennal Update Report, Under the UNFCC

Resolution Adopting The Rules to Govern The Availment and Disbursement of Cash Incentive to Renewable Energy Developers Operating in Missionary Areas

Renewable Energy (Amendment of Schedule) Order 2014

Support Mechanism for The Development of Power Generation Projects Using Solid Waste(s) in Vietnam

Support Mechanism for The Development of Biomass Power Projects in Vietnam

Presidential Regulation No 62/2014 Changes in the Statute of the International Renewable Energy Agency Ratification

National Energy Management Policy

Technical Guideline of Special Allocation Fund on Rural Energy Sector Fiscal Year 2014 (Micro Hydro, PV and Biogas)

Ministerial Regulation No. 19/2015 on the Purchasing of Electricity by PLN from Hydro Power

Second amendement on Ministerial Regulation Number 32-2008 on Provision, Utilization and Administration of Biofuel as Alternative Energy